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One of the most important factors before starting a roofing job and settling with your chosen Stoke on Trent roofing contractors would be to meet them and get a sense of whether they know what they are talking about.

Do they have a sign written van that shows who they are, together with a contact number and email address? This information can help ensure you know who you are dealing with.  Below are a few of the other things to think about before employing a roofing contractor in Stoke or Newcastle under Lyme.

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Roofers in Stoke and Newcastle under Lyme

When you work with us you

  • get a reputable roofer with 20 years experience.
  • a team of other contractors that include bricklayers, joiners, plasterers and labourers, that are called upon depending on your job or project requirements.


Avoid contractors who are based near recycling or reclamation yards as often those individuals are in the game of stripping your roof of period tiles and selling them, whilst replacing yours with thin Chinese slates or concrete and fibre slates. Most slate tiles do not in fact need replacing, in fact period tiles can be more hard wearing and can fetch a good price second hand, it’s just that the battens they are on may have rotted and the nails that hold some in place also might have rusted.

Slate Roofing Contractors for Pitched Roof

The most common roof in Stoke on Trent is the terraced house pitched slate roof.  At the same time as we are replacing your roof or rather re-roofing it, we would recommend replacing any rotten roof battens, and installing roof insulation to prevent heat loss through your roof.  You could opt to board out the loft and add OSB boards to the inside of the roof battens with insulation within the voids so that you can use the extra space.  We can help you with any extra ideas for projects like this because of our loft conversions experience.

In the most part we will be re-using the existing roof tiles as they are so hard wearing and are literally rock-hard.  Tiles like Welsh slate will last around 100 years, far more than a modern cement fibre tile.  Those are lighter weight and some people may use those tiles for a low angled pitch or for cladding a wall on a new extension, but you have to factor in the cost of renewing them all again in about 30 years. You can read more about the benefits of each roof material here.

You could save time and money by just calling us to get our expert roofers in stoke on trent onto your job. You will have peace of mind that your roof will be dealt with carefully, and that your money won’t be wasted by bogus roofers.

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